EPIC Videos

http://ourplacerecoveryfl.com/approach-and-tools/trauma-informed-therapy/ From photo shoots to families and weddings and now aerial work!

Team EPIC is your source for video projects both large and small

EPIC Shoots

An EPIC shoot is our brand of exceptional photoshoots for regular people just like you! but we don’t just stop at taking pictures. We also film our shoots so that you can have sometime truly unique and memorable.

Aerial Video and Photography

Need a vantage point that a ladder just cannot give you? need need an aerial team. You need a drone and an experienced pilot!

Team EPIC has the equipment and expertise to get up high for your next project.

Weddings and Engagements

Team EPIC take teamwork to the next level. We offer wedding and engagement photography and video together. As a team we know how to work together to ensure that both your photos and videos come out amazing, with a unified style and feel!