About Us

Meet Team EPIC!

People often ask us, “Why ‘team EPIC’?”… “What is an ‘EPIC’ shoot?”… “What is it that you really do?” So we thought we’d take a couple minutes to introduce you to your Team EPIC!

Years ago, we were photographers just like anyone else; we owned some camera equipment and we took some pretty passable family and wedding photos… in fact, they were really good… And we got busy… very busy… So busy in fact that we lost the ability to create the great art we were known for or give the great customer service our clients deserved.

It got to the point where we no longer wanted to do the job that we loved so much… It was time for a change, and that change came in the idea of an “EPIC” photoshoot. A shoot that incorporated all the trappings of a commercial model photoshoot, but for regular people just like you.

Team EPIC is the dynamic duo of Michael Cudjoe and Misty Brandsgard, both are passionate about creating amazing images and providing an exceptional experience.

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Michael Cudjoe Has decades of experience in photography and videography. He is an extensive traveller and has had the privilege of doing photo shoots all over the world. From Ghana, Africa, to Cuba, Mexico and even the Grand Cayman Islands. Michael is a lover of RC helicopters and you’ll often find him flying Team EPIC’s Drone for aerial shots of our shoots.

Misty Brandsgard, is new to Team EPIC, but brings years of organizational experience, and a passion for art and photography and videography. You’ll be seeing a lot of Misty as she works to make Team EPIC even more EPIC than before!